KiwiSaver & Regular Savings Plan

KiwiSaver, regular savings and lump sum investments.

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Mortgage free?
Where to now?

Why not direct your mortgage payments into a regular savings strategy now that you are debt free?

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What does your retirement look like?

Are you managing in retirement? Is your plan working for you?

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Helping Kiwis make better financial decisions

Put simply, we work with people who are accumulating wealth for retirement and we help them manage that wealth in retirement.

We provide advice which is focused on helping you achieve your varying financial needs and goals.  Importantly, our advice takes into account the different stages of life and individual circumstances.

Investment Solutions Northland (ISN) is an independently owned and operated wealth advisory business, founded in 1997 with a simple philosophy; to provide everyday New Zealanders and their families with tailored, responsible financial solutions, documented with plain, easy-to-understand language.  This focus has seen our team maintain close, long-term relationships with our clients for many years.

More recently, we have added interactive technology to help clients improve their financial outcomes.  Our Wealth Technology helps you model and understand the merit of different financial decisions online and in real time.

Our business has evolved to provide our clients with comprehensive financial advice which covers;

We take an integrated approach to wealth management, supported by independent client-focused research, local and international specialist managers, and our exclusive Wealth Technology.  We believe the most reliable way to achieve your wealth objectives is through the integration of advice and investment management.  We are focused on designing a financial strategy that meets your objectives, ensuring that you make informed financial decisions at critical points along the way.  We ensure your financial strategy is regularly discussed and that you have complete transparency into everything you own.

"Meetings are at our cost where we help you determine whether or not you see value in our services and want to work with us"

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