Lee Anne Reo – Registered Financial Adviser

Lee Anne Reo
Registered Financial Adviser

My responsibilities since joining ISN January 2011 – and in other roles over the years – have required me to develop a sharp eye and finely attuned attention to detail.  I am now relishing the opportunity to utilise these skills in a more client focused manner and learn more about the wealth management business we are in.  My role also provides me with opportunities for personal growth as well as a sense of great satisfaction that we are positively changing the way we relate and communicate with our clients to ensure that we provide the very best client experience that we can.

I work with a 100% commitment to every task I undertake. I thrive on building strong and valuable relationships. Challenges provide us with learning experiences and the opportunities for growth and I pride myself how I manage the intricacies of these and provide viable solutions.

My ultimate challenge is to try and achieve a level of excellence in everything I do.  I have learned from past experience that clear, concise, accurate and timely communication with clients is essential to maintaining an on-going mutually rewarding relationship and I am excited to now be in a position to make a positive difference in this area.

I welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your financial objectives and my suitability for developing a realistic strategy.

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