See how NZ Funds ‘Downside Mitigation’ has helped in the current crisis

We have often mentioned that NZ Funds developed and implemented a downside mitigation strategy following the Global Financial Crisis to protect client’s portfolio values should another major event occur.   The strategy has worked perfectly for us throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

The following link illustrates the point that NZ Funds clients have fared a lot better than other investment managers throughout this recent period of market volatility. 

NZ Funds KS Scheme Downside Mitigation Mar 2020

We have received a surprisingly low number of enquiries from clients wanting to know if they should move out of their Growth fund and into something more conservative, and/or stop their voluntary contributions. These are the main two topics.  

The answer to question one is “you stand to recover values more quickly by remaining invested as you currently are.”

The answer to question number two is “if you can afford to continue contributing then, by all means, do so as you are buying investments on special.”

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